Beating The Feeling Of Overwhelm

I looked at my desk and I saw piles and files of papers to be recorded and to be checked. There’s a lot! And when I think about the bulk of work and assignments that I will have to do and the pressing deadline to present to the students their partial grade, that blow me away. But I realize, that the more I think about it, the more stress and overwhelm I become.

Then, I discover that the best way to beat the feeling of being overwhelmed are the following:

1) Check it one at a time.

2) Record it one at a time.

3) Just do it one at a time.

4) Stop thinking the piles and files but DO IT instead.

5) Be grateful.

So, those are my simple steps to beat the feeling of being overwhelmed. It’s super Nike.

Just Do It.

Maybe you had been thinking way too much. Stop!!!! Pick the work bit by bit. Little by little. Piece by piece and without you knowing it, you are done and you are not stressed.

Have a great day!!!!!


What MidTerm Exam Taught Me

I had been given the opportunity to be a proctor for our school’s midterm examination and as I was sitting down and was watching the students, I had these internal dialogues on the inside of me.

1) in my lens as a teacher, examination is not to fail the students, it’s to assess their understanding.

2) there’s no test without the lessons being presented first.

3) if we failed to give the answer, maybe we failed to listen.

4) wrongs are not our life definition, it’s just a signal to start paying attention.

5) the test becomes harder when we take it in the position of fear.

6) tests are half an hour per course, it’s not always everyday.

The same thing holds true in life. We are tested here and there. We feel the presence of the teacher, but He is not giving us the answer. And we sometimes forget that the teacher is usually silent during the test.

Therefore, if God seems silent, that means we have on the inside of us the answers. He already taught us through the Holy Spirit and His Word. We may lower down our bucket for some life answers like praying in the Spirit, praising God in the tests, speaking the Word for faith to come forth, keeping our trust in Jesus, and by being joyful in Christ alone.

So remember this: test is just temporary and we are always victors in Christ if we will not give up.

God bless everyone!!!











By His Spirit

So he answered me, “This is the word of the Lord to Zerubbabel: ‘Not by strength or by might, but by My Spirit,’ says the Lord of Hosts. -Zechariah 4:6 HCSB

Not by strength or by might. This is a picture of forcing my own way to produce something. For example, I really forced myself to be an elementary teacher. I applied to so many schools but no one really took time to hire me. I was not even called. And it frustrated me so much. Then there was the BPO industry that I ran away from countless times but I was hired without me sweating for it.

The same thing holds true for me being a college teacher. It was not me forcing my way into the school. It was the WORK of the Spirit of God. If it was only me in it, I will not be hired for sure. I did not have good feedback from them. I was not their choice but I believe I was and is still God’s choice and I am now teaching in this institution. Thank you Jesus!!!

I feel that the Holy Spirit kept reminding me of Proverbs 21:1 that says “A king’s heart is like streams of water in the Lord’s hand: He directs it wherever He chooses.” The DEAN herself called me up and it was so smooth journey afterwards.

I have this tendency of being controlling and this verse reminded me to walk in step with the Holy Spirit. To practice hearing His Voice and His leading moment by moment and to practice following His voice. Yes, it’s scary!!! It was nerve wracking to even have a physical check up and even the checking of my blood pressure gave me a panic attack then but His Presence was there all along.

What if we will start listening to His voice? What if we will start following His leadership? What if we will try it right now? In the little things! Not necessarily into raising the dead although it could be astounding!!! It maybe following Him to read our Bible when He prompts us to do so. It could be praying for someone. It might be ignoring the criticism yet loving to the critical. Whatever that looks like. To practice submitting to His Voice and the Word of God is magnificent!!!

I wanna try it again!!! This is not super spiritual. This is a natural result out from an intimate relationship with Him.

May we enjoy hearing and following the Holy Spirit’s Voice and Leading Today.

Have A Blessed Day!!!








Because the truth is, there will be no Glorious Figs without the Holy Spirit in it.

Practice Keeping The Word

Everyday, I am bombarded with choices on what to believe and what I will choose to believe will take residence in my heart. And as I water what I believe everyday by constantly thinking about it and talking about, it will eventually be evident as fruit/s in my life.

“What I constantly believe about, I’ll think about and what I constantly think about, I’ll talk about and what I constantly talk about, it will come about.”

This is not an overnight thing that I happened to discover and becomes me the next day. This is a process as I continue to make a constant daily choice to be mindful of what to keep in my heart.

Am I going to feed the disbelief of people towards me? Am I going to keep the people’s dislike about me? Am I going to believe the worlds constant broadcast of impossibility and the never ending lies of the enemy?

My enemy also uses words to convince me of their lies and if I will not be careful, I will eventually believe it as the truth.

By now, it should be my conscious decision with the Holy Spirit’s help to practice keeping His commands in my heart.

To practice trusting Him by reading His Word daily so that His Word will take residence in my life and it will shape me as the person God intended me to be.

May each one of us will feast on the beauty of the Prince Of Peace today!!! May we have a beautiful sense of peace as we converse with Him.


Life Storage Box

My son, don’t forget my teaching,
but let your heart keep my commands;
for they will bring you
many days, a full life, and well-being. (Proverbs 3:1-2 HCSB)

My heart leaps out of my chair as I discover that I can download a Bible App for my laptop. What a relief it is for my body as instead of bringing a physical Bible along with gazillions of stuff inside my bag, I can just open my laptop and before the podcasts tempt me, I can feed on the Word of God first.

So, since today is October 3, I visit Proverbs 3 and the first two verses leap out from the screen. I guess I will be camping on these two verses alone until the cloud of Glory will lead me to my next manna to feed on.

“LET YOUR HEART KEEP MY COMMANDS.” Heart is our life storage and no matter how much we try to hide what we are keeping on the inside, it will naturally come out most in our unguarded moments especially to people whom we have a close relationship with.

We can play it perfectly with strangers, to people whom we just know in our season, but the real us can be found in the close doors of our home. I should know because that was exactly me before His Word cleanses me and I am still on a journey. That’s why my blog is called glorious figs. It’s growing from glory to glory.

We can’t shovel the dirt that sticks within the walls of our hearts all by our own might and strength, but it can be flushed out through the Word of God deposited daily in our hearts.

How does it look like? It’s waking up every morning and taking the time to meditate on God’s Word. It could be on the night before closing our eyes to sleep. It could be during day time while on a cab and we can just pull out our index card with God’s Word in it. It could be while we are in the comfort room and instead of chewing everything negative that people declares over us, we can use the time to chew on His Promises instead.

The Bible says that His command brings us many days. It means a longer life to live because we are not consumed with stressful words. It gives us a full life because when our eyes are fixated to our real Shepherd, we will be content as He provides us with what we need. It produces health of our spirit, soul, and body.

Does it mean to say that we are excluded on the tests of life? Nope! But His Word is spirit and life and it will constantly guide us not fail us.

May the Holy Spirit renew our passion to go back to His Word and may His Words will become like fire that will keep burning in our hearts.

Have a blessed day!!!

Think Wisely

I guess one of the causes of anxiety that will spiral down into depression is the way we think. With all the bad news that we can see on social media, what we can watch on television, what we can hear on radio, and what we can read on the news on a daily basis, we are convinced to believe that life is hard. That it’s impossible to reach our dreams unless our lucky stars will be with us. That we have to brace ourselves for the worst. Always!!! That we are always a victim, never a victor. That people don’t like us. That we are the sauce in gossip fiesta. That nothing good is taking place, anywhere, everywhere and with whoever. Whatever that is.

It will always be that way if we feed our soul with trash food. If we only believe in what the created kept saying without minding the Glorious Words and Promises that the Creator has long been speaking.

What if we pause a little bit and we start thanking God for the sun that’s shining? What if we start gazing at birds chirping and be grateful of how God provided food for them? What if we take a look at the ocean and be blessed with its calming waves? What if we see people as a gift and start appreciating them for their uniqueness? What if we start savoring how God has been good to us on a daily basis? What if we see every little good thing as God’s gift instead of wishing to have everything big to come into our lives instantly?

While I don’t belittle the fact that life constantly challenge us, it’s also not a license for us to practice complaining.

To live, breathe, and be with family is a blessing that we can put in our bucket and be offered back as a thanksgiving to our God.

Have a blessed day and may each one of you will start to think wisely and speak differently!!!

Be Grateful

In this internet age, we are easily trapped of comparison. We think that we need to have what others have. Then it is being followed by OBSESSION. We become so obsessed to have more to POST MORE. Not only that, we change the settings of our phone so we will have a picture perfect post.

But then, what others displayed on their social media account keep appearing on our feeds and we can’t help but see. We see their huge house being built. We see their new car being driven. We see how they travel to so many countries and cities with their hashtag blessed. We see their luxurious weddings. And then we start looking at our lives and we begin to think that we don’t measure up because we don’t have what they have.

And if we are not careful, this could spiral down into depression and being too controlling. We can either sulk down and have a pity party because we give in to the opinions of people or we can also become so manipulative of how others live their lives. While we can choose any or both, this is not the best way to live.

How about if we start to count our blessings? That we can walk. That we can breathe. That we have a little savings. That we are surrounded by family. That we can be a blessing. That we have our jobs. And so on and so forth.

How about if we start cheering people on and be happy with their simple choices? How about celebrating the joys of others?

God has been so good to give us what matters, but we miss His daily dose of grace if we keep comparing ourselves to the filtered pictures of strangers and by being so controlling.

Let’s be grateful to God today. Let’s lighten up a little bit. Let’s give our best smile to our families. Let’s be a cheerful giver. Let’s let go of control and let’s trust God who is really in control.

Have A Blessed Day!!!